Apr 26

Nothing But the Truth

Start by reading…Proverbs 14:5-6 says: “A faithful witness does not lie, but a false witness will utter lies. A scoffer seeks wisdom and does not find it, But knowledge is easy to him who understands.” Christ is the living embodiment of the wisdom found in Proverbs. Every discourse of His in scripture radiates the love … Continued


Apr 25

“Not My Will, But Yours be Done”

Start by reading… In Gethsemane, Jesus knew of the agonising death that lay ahead of Him, and He fell to His knees in prayer before the Father. Knowing that Jesus was God in flesh, it’s easy to forget that He was also fully human, and that He felt the terror any of us would feel … Continued


Apr 24

Victorious in Jesus

Start by reading… We read in Judges that the Israelites forsook the God of their forefathers and followed false gods in the land the Lord had given them. God was displeased and gave them over to be plundered. The Lord’s protection was withdrawn and all hell broke loose. Even when another judge was raised up … Continued


Apr 23

His Faithful Promises Are Your Armour and Protection

Start by reading… Psalm 91:4 says: “He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler.” While we are not absolutely sure who wrote Psalm 91, Jewish scholars say that when the author’s name is not mentioned we may assign the psalm to the … Continued


Apr 22

Preparing for the Future

Start by reading… The writer of the book of Proverbs understood the value of listening to people of experience and maturity. He also recognised the importance of wise men passing on their knowledge and experience to the next generation. Proverbs 13:20 says: “He who walks with wise men will be wise…” When Joshua realised that … Continued


Apr 21

Feedback is a Gift

Start by reading… Many years ago, still early on in my work career, I received what seemed like a telling off from my immediate boss. His remarks felt a bit personal and unfair, and I remember telling him so. He simply replied: “Feedback is a gift!” Proverbs 13:18 says: “Poverty and shame will come to … Continued


Apr 20

Respecting Our Inheritance

Start by reading… Joshua 21:43-45 says: “So the Lord gave to Israel all the land… and they took possession of it and dwelt in it. The Lord gave them rest all around… the Lord delivered all their enemies into their hand. Not a word failed of any good thing which the Lord had spoken to … Continued


Apr 19

Table-flipping Times

Start by reading… Proverbs 13:12-13 (NET) says: “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is like a tree of life. The one who despises instruction will pay the penalty, but whoever esteems instruction will be rewarded.” These verses are simple yet powerful. Inviting and valuing godly instruction brings life. Doing so heals the … Continued


Apr 18

Plunder Hell and Populate Heaven

Start by reading…  God is in the process of making a people fit for His Kingdom. The enemy is also working earnestly in opposing the work of God. As such, we are admonished by Jehovah for our slackness in exercising the power and authority given to us (see Joshua 18:3). We must put on our God-given armour … Continued


Apr 17

Walking by Faith

Start by reading… In Luke 18:35-43 we read the story about the blind beggar receiving his sight. The beggar had heard that Jesus was in Jericho and called out to him.  Jesus asked for the man to be brought to Him and asked what he wanted of Him. The blind man said: “Lord, that I … Continued


Apr 16

Following the Lord Wholeheartedly

Start by reading… In Joshua 14:6-15 we read about Caleb, who we are told “wholly followed the Lord”. Of the twelve spies, he and Joshua were the only ones who believed God’s word to Moses. They were confident He would give them the land of Canaan (see Numbers 13:1-31). Because they both unreservedly trusted God, … Continued


Apr 15

The Journey of a Leper

Start by reading… Leprosy is a progressive death that causes people to die by inches. Imagine having this disease, which produces ulcers, scaly skin and tumours, deforming your limbs and leading to the loss of fingers and toes. In Jesus’ time lepers wore torn clothes, covered their faces, and cried “Unclean! Unclean!” They were outcasts … Continued


Apr 14

Covenant Keeping

Start by reading… The book of Joshua contains many hidden gems if we open our eyes to find them. In amongst the battles and slaughter there are principles and truths that God hasn’t forgotten and never will. Today’s passage relates how the Gibeonites tricked Joshua into making a covenant with them that had no expiry … Continued


Apr 13

The Consequence of Sin

Start by reading… Did you know that God sees everything, so nothing is ever hidden? The Bible teaches that anything done in secret will be revealed and brought into the light. I believe that all of the sins we have confessed in sincerity of heart under the conviction of the Holy Spirit are forgiven and … Continued


Apr 12

Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

Start by reading… In Luke 15, Jesus responds to the filthy attitude of the Pharisees and teachers of the law not with a rebuke, as we might have thought, but with three parables: the Lost Sheep, Lost Coin and Lost Son. As our title suggests, Jesus uses these parables to clarify, not only for those listening, … Continued


Apr 11

I’ve Started So I’ll Finish

Start by reading… There has been a significant shift in society’s values during my lifetime. The legacy of my generation is a culture that pursues overnight fame, success and wealth; an age of lottery tickets and reality TV; a world in which the concepts of learning and earning are obsolete. This makes Proverbs 12:27 all … Continued


Apr 10


Start by reading… It’s the end of an era and Moses is dead. The people of Israel mourn for 30 days. Moses had been a great servant of God and of the people, bringing them out of Egypt, parting the red sea and bringing them to the point of entering the land flowing with milk … Continued


Apr 09


Start by reading… In Luke 13:3-5, Jesus says “unless you repent you will all likewise perish”. These verses are filled with the terrifying implications of what happens to those who refuse to repent. A group had come to Jesus to complain of the terrible sin committed by Pilate and the consequences for the Galilean victims. In … Continued


Apr 08

The Waiting Game

Start by reading… I don’t think there is anything I dislike more than waiting, as it seems like such a waste of time. Maybe you can identify with this. Modern society is not used to waiting. Just think how many fast food restaurants there are in your area, all designed to reduce the amount of time … Continued


Apr 07

He Who Dies With the Most Toys…

Start by reading… Jesus’ words in Luke 12 speak directly to the human condition. Asked to settle a dispute over an inheritance, He told those involved that He had come for a higher purpose. Instead, He tells them the parable of the rich fool. It is apparent from the language Jesus uses – “my barns”, … Continued


Apr 06

He Keeps Track of the Sparrows!

Start by reading… In Deuteronomy 30:19 we read that God has given us a choice between life and death; blessings and curses. He desires that we live in blessing in every area of our lives. He has given promises in His Word and has established a plan for us to live in total victory! Every time … Continued


Apr 05

For or Against?

Start by reading… In Luke 11:14-28, Jesus speaks about the battle between good and evil in the heavenly realm, which will continue to the end of the age. As we look at the society we live in, we see the forces of evil at work. Jesus casts out a demon, restoring a mute man’s ability to … Continued


Apr 04

Ask in Confidence

Start by reading… After Jesus had taught his disciples to pray in Luke 11:1-4, He went on to teach them about the relationship they can have with their heavenly Father and receive from God’s hand. Luke 11:5-6 says: “And He said to them, ‘Which of you shall have a friend, and go to him at … Continued


Apr 03

Heaven’s Register

Start by reading… Last year our church invited the neighbourhood to a free performance of Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames. Church members were trained by professionals to play various roles. Props and sound effects were provided. The message was graphic. Witnessing the first ‘dead’ soul being dragged to hell by Satan and his demons was … Continued


Apr 02

Frivolity or Satisfaction?

Start by reading… Proverbs 12:11 says: “He who tills his land will be satisfied with bread, but he who follows frivolity is devoid of understanding.” Frivolity is not something we often speak of these days, but this verse tells of people being devoid of understanding when they display frivolity, or a lack of seriousness as … Continued


Apr 01

Slaying envy

Envy and jealousy are two words that we would probably rather avoid when thinking about our lives but if we are to grow as Christ-followers, we must learn from the Psalmist who openly confessed that he nearly fell for the deception of the seeming prosperity of the unrighteous.


Mar 31

Look at the Christ and not the Cost

Start by reading… So often when we read Luke 9:23-27, or its parallel in Matthew 16:24-28, our eyes are drawn to the challenges Jesus puts before His would-be followers. Luke 9:23 says: “If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me.” As we zero in … Continued


Mar 30

Sharing What God Has Given Us

Start by reading… Today’s reading from Deuteronomy warns of the dangers of false prophets. We need to remember that: Prophecy should never go against scripture There is no new revelation that is not already covered in the Bible If a prophecy doesn’t come to pass, it cannot have been from God It points out the … Continued


Mar 29

“Peace be still”

Start by reading… The disciples in the boat with Jesus were faced with something they had likely encountered before in their natural environment. What makes this storm different is that it points to a supernatural lesson only God could give. The disciples had never encountered a storm of this magnitude with Jesus at the stern of … Continued


Mar 28

Protect Your Roots

Start by reading… Proverbs 12:3 says: “A man is not established by wickedness, but the root of the righteous cannot be moved.” This verse makes it very clear that our ability to stand firm is dependent on the depth of our roots. This links well with the passage we have read from Luke 8, where … Continued


Mar 27

Heaven’s Bread

Start by reading… The children of Israel are on the verge of possessing all that God had promised: a land flowing with every conceivable blessing. Moses knew they would be blessed with an abundance of flocks, silver and gold, but warned them never to boast and to always remember God’s generosity. Hadn’t He delivered a … Continued


Mar 26

The Evidence Is Clear

Start by reading… In Luke 7:11-15 we find Jesus embroiled in a hopeless situation. A woman has lost her only son and they are carrying him out to be buried. Jesus stops the procession and miraculously brings forth life. The narrative then takes us to the desperate situation of John the Baptist (Luke 7:19-35), imprisoned … Continued


Mar 25

“How Can Jesus Be Your Saviour if He Isn’t Your Lord?”

Start by reading… In Luke 6:46, Jesus challenges all those around Him with a simple, yet powerful question: “‘But why do you call Me “Lord, Lord,” and not do the things which I say?’” I once heard a fantastic illustration of this from a preacher who was talking about the difference between someone who was … Continued


Mar 24

Wait Patiently for Your Miracle

Start by reading… In Luke 6:17-19 we see Jesus standing with His disciples and followers on a level plain. He wasn’t surprised by all the people around Him, and He went on to set people free and perform many miracles on this day. It’s worth remembering that not all miracles take place in the physical … Continued


Mar 23

The Worst of the Worst Meets the Best of the Best

Start by reading… Luke 5:27-28  says: “…[Jesus] went out and saw a tax collector named Levi, sitting at the tax office. And He said to him, ‘Follow Me.’ So he left all, rose up, and followed Him.” The call to follow Jesus becomes a command to lay everything else aside. Levi (also known as Matthew) was accustomed … Continued


Mar 22

No Longer Wanderers

Start by reading… As we continue our reading though the book of Numbers we have reached the point where God gives specific instructions as to the way in which the various tribes are to receive their inheritance of land. What excitement there must have been. After forty years of wandering, a settled homeland was finally … Continued


Mar 21

She Arose and Served Them

Start by reading… It’s been nearly twenty-nine years since I accepted Jesus as my Saviour, and my earliest memories are still of His gift of peace and my thankfulness for His help. Then I discovered He had given me a generosity, a kindness and a love to serve that I never had before! Luke 4:38-39 … Continued


Mar 20

I Do and I Will

Start by reading… Perhaps because I’m getting married this year, the verses from Numbers 30 leapt out at me. The passage speaks about the significance of the vows we make to God and others. Numbers 30:1-2 says: “Then Moses spoke to the heads of the tribes concerning the children of Israel, saying, ‘This is the … Continued


Mar 19

Whose Credentials?

Start by reading… Luke 3:23-38 begins with Jesus, ends with the Father and gives in between a genealogy of people who were part Jesus’ earthly family. As we read through the names we can see the highs, lows, disappointments and triumphs; the good, the bad and sometimes even the ugly. Every name has a story. We also have … Continued


Mar 18

The Fruit of Repentance

Start by reading… Luke tells us that John the Baptist fulfilled the prophecy recorded in Isaiah 40:3-5. He called for repentance and promised forgiveness from God to all who responded. He taught the people that sharing clothes and food could be a sign of repentance. He challenged tax collectors to stop charging extra for themselves, … Continued