About Bible in a Year

“The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever” (Isaiah 40:8).

 The Bible is life-changing, faith-building and thought-provoking. It remains the bestselling book of all time, yet so many thousands – if not millions – of Christians have never read it from cover to cover. We started bibleinayear.co.uk to change that.

We set out at the beginning of 2016, believing that hundreds of people reading the Bible together, in community, day-by-day, would significantly change our town, nation and world. We wanted to kick-start something that would help people develop the daily discipline of discovering God’s word. Every day, the devotional readings on this site were sent to a list of more than a thousand subscribers who began to read together via the website.

What followed was truly amazing. Comment after comment poured in from people who found the experience truly transformational. From kids to the elderly, everyone seemed able to engage. Testimonies poured in from all over the world, with people as far away as Australia consistently reading along.

When I had the vision for Bible in a Year, God showed me that there were many people who had a lot of wisdom and revelation to share who hadn’t necessarily written devotionals before. These people were already all around me: in church, running businesses, teaching theology, leading ministries and operating as personal mentors.

God had given me connections with some amazing people, so all I needed to do was join the dots. The first person I shared the vision for the platform with was my wife Rebekah and then Peter Jenkins, our missions pastor. Both were excited and positive. That was all the encouragement I needed to start the ball rolling. I was amazed as people agreed to write, build, share and support the vision.

When I first read the Bible, I was in prison and had run out of ideas of how to fix my life. I was an empty, desperate, broken mess. Day by day, out of boredom at first, I began to read the pages of a Gideon’s New Testament and day by day, I began to change.

 Emptiness became fullness.
Brokenness became wholeness.
Addiction became freedom.

Thirteen years later, my desire for you is that you too experience Jesus, day by day in your own life, and that you will learn to love His words: The Bible.

The Bible is not an ordinary book. It’s God’s book. It’s the greatest book you could ever own. Let’s not let it be wasted for a moment longer in this generation.

Cheering you on!

 Clyde Thomas, Lead pastor, Victory Churches, @MrClydeT