17 Dec 2018

His Mercy Endures Forever!

by Terry Leaman

Start by reading…Nahum 1:1 - 3:19Revelation 8:1-13Psalm 136:1-26Proverbs 30:7-9

What are you most concerned about today? We all have issues in our lives but God is the answer to every single one. What a catalogue of triumphs we see in Psalm 136 this morning. It lists so many things that God took care of in the Israelites’ lives. As you consider your own trials, remember how merciful God was to Israel in theirs.

The overwhelming message of this psalm is that, whatever the problem is, God will see it fixed! His mercy in providing a remedy against all these issues is highlighted in the word “forever”, and this word plays a huge part in the repeated statement that: “His mercy endures forever”.

If ever a theme is reiterated in scripture, none is so often repeated as this one. It’s as though God is trying to get our attention through all circumstances and trials that He will never run out of answers to our needs. His thinking goes far beyond all other thinking and His strategies never fail. His mercy just endures and endures.

Other stuff in life will eventually wear out. Things will erode and break, colours will fade, seasons will end and strength will fail, but the mercy of the Almighty never gives up. In the light of the way the psalmist has stressed the point, we need to consider this carefully.

It’s not often that we see such a continuous assault on our negative thinking. Maybe we’ve missed it all these years, but to combat our weak thinking God reminds us that he’s got it all covered. What, everything? Yes, everything! His mercy endures, and what’s more it goes on and on, never failing. Yes, that’s forever!

Pause and reflect: “Father, activate my faith fully with Your word, that I might appreciate the fullness of Your mercy. Amen.”

Terry Leaman
Terry Leaman

Terry attended Bible College in 1971 and has served Jesus faithfully for more than forty years. He is a missionary pastor to Uganda and a trustee of Ezra UK. Alongside his wife, Helen, Terry lives a life marked by faith. He has a real passion for seeing people inspired to live out their God-given calling.

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