07 Dec 2018

Don’t Imitate Evil; Imitate Good

by Terry Leaman

Start by reading…

Hosea 6:1 - 9:173 John 1:1-15Psalm 126:1-6Proverbs 29:12-14

In 3 John 1:11 we read John’s letter to his beloved Gaius. John is very strong in his advice, and what good advice it is. Don’t imitate evil, he tells Gaius. Imitate good!

Imitate good! I love the subject of goodness. We’re talking here about the essence of God, the very Spirit of the Almighty. God is good and His character exudes goodness.

So many people pick up on evil and emulate wicked ways. I loathe it when some people see a good thing happen and say, “That’s wicked, man!” or “That’s sick!” We all know what they mean, but it’s awful to hear truth being distorted to mean the direct opposite of what they are saying. I would love to hear everyone celebrating goodness when they see it and praising it with the right words.

In today’s passage, John says that we should copy good deeds. If we see genuine goodness we should try to emulate it. Showing our desire to do the same thing produces a wonderful warm feeling, which we should all foster and spread.

Reflecting the heart and nature of the Almighty to others is the best way to show them who God really is. Not everyone has a clear understanding of His character, but the one thing He unquestionably demonstrates is goodness.

I love destroying any bad press I hear about God. He has had so much ‘fake news’ spread about Him. To put God back where He should be, with His name unblemished, is to celebrate what and who He is. He is truly good! To quote another great scripture:

“The Lord is good to all, and His tender mercies are over all His works.” (Psalm 145:9).

Pause and reflect: Thank God for His goodness today, and determine to love goodness in your own life.

Terry Leaman
Terry Leaman

Terry attended Bible College in 1971 and has served Jesus faithfully for more than forty years. He is a missionary pastor to Uganda and a trustee of Ezra UK. Alongside his wife, Helen, Terry lives a life marked by faith. He has a real passion for seeing people inspired to live out their God-given calling.

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