06 Dec 2018

Make a Fresh Start

by Karen Sheppard

Start by reading…Hosea 4:1 - 5:152 John 1:1-13Psalm 125:1-5Proverbs 29:9-11

The name “Hosea” means “salvation” or “deliverance”. God called the prophet Hosea to proclaim His love and faithfulness to the people of Israel. The Israelites had turned their backs on God, forgotten His goodness and forsaken Him!

Hosea was a prophet who lived out the messages he preached. His story reminds us of God’s unconditional love and unfailing mercy. God will never leave us or let us down, no matter how badly we’ve sinned or how long we have been walking away from Him. He always offers us a fresh start.

As the New Year approaches, determine to make a fresh start with God. If we’re too busy to spend time with Him we will miss out on what He is saying to us. Prayer should be conversational, and after pouring out our hearts we need to allow Him time to speak and share His heart with us. He often communicates through the Bible, using certain verses to leap off the page in order to reveal what He wants to say.

Worship is both corporate and personal. As we come to Him in adoration He responds by revealing what is on His heart. We must also walk in forgiveness! Holding a grudge against someone acts like a ceiling from which our prayers bounce back. Unconfessed sin also puts a barrier between us and God. Unbelief stops us walking by faith, guided by God and hearing what the Spirit is saying to us. His Spirit opens our minds to understand His Word in a new and exciting way.

Pause and reflect: Let’s resolve to begin 2019 with a fresh start! Put away the things of the past and remember God’s unconditional love and mercy, which never stops reaching out to us and constantly offers us a new beginning, no matter what we’ve done.


Karen Sheppard
Karen Sheppard

Karen is a wife, mother and grandmother. Married to Martyn for nearly thirty-six years, the couple have three sons and three grandchildren. She has been a born-again Christian since she was nine and falls more in love with Jesus every day.

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