01 Dec 2018

It’s Not About You

by Clyde Thomas

Start by reading…

DANIEL 8:1-27
1 JOHN 2:1-17
PSALM 120:1-7
PROVERBS 28:25-26

“I write to you, little children, because your sins are forgiven you for His name’s sake” (1 John 2:12).

As a minister, I have listened to thousands of messages and communicated many. Some were good and some were bad, but most were faithfully sown.

One thing that troubles me in any sermon is an overemphasis on self. I have often heard the good news presented with an emphasis on the individual who was saved rather than on the beauty of the finished work of Christ. It is not the wood or the crown of thorns that saves; it is the full obedience of the suffering Christ.

I want to stretch our minds a little, to ask the question: what brings glory to God? The answer is obedience to His commandments. The problem is, we lack the nature required to keep His commandments. That is why we need the nature of Christ.

It is Jesus who is to be celebrated, not the individual. Every poor, lost soul can find true life only through Him. The finished work of Calvary is not an add-on; it is vitally important to the whole message of salvation. It is not about us.

Our sins are forgiven because it would be unjust for God to hold us to ransom after all that Christ has done for us. Providing that we accept His sacrifice and put our whole trust in Him, our account is settled; not because God is flippant about sin, but because He approves of Christ’s work! There is nothing we can add or take away from the finished work. It is finished.

As we approach the Christmas season, let’s be sure to point everyone to Jesus and not to ourselves!

Pause and reflect: Reflect on the sacrifice of Christ. Allow your mind to meditate on Him.

Clyde Thomas
Clyde Thomas

Clyde is a passionate follower of Jesus who serves as the lead pastor of Victory Church and the UK director for Hope Center Ministries. He is married to Rebekah and together they are sold out for the cause of Christ in their generation. He started Bible in a Year to help people grow in their devotional lives. Follow him on Twitter: @MrClydeT

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