24 Nov 2018

Finding Peace Amid the Pressures of Life

by Matthew Hill

Start by reading…Ezekiel 47:1 -48:351 Peter 2:11- 3:7Psalm 119:49-64Proverbs 28:12-13

Peter declares that we are only pilgrims or sojourners (people who reside in a place temporarily) and that we must be above reproach at all times. The Gentiles were always watching the believers to catch them off guard.

The rest of this chapter and the next talk about submitting to those who are in a place of prominence. Peter speaks about kings, governors, masters, wives and finally husbands. By being able to submit to those who are above or equal to us we fulfil the calling Christ has on our lives. Peter even speaks about coming under the authority of those who are harsh. He explains that Jesus was also treated harshly by the leaders of His day.

How poignant at this time in history for us, as readers of the living Word, to read this. All around us we see leaders who can be harsh, especially in the non-Christian workplace and family, but also in the Christian workplace and home. However, as we walk with Christ and begin to see the world as He does we will be prepared for anything.

The world has made many people into hard taskmasters, but knowing Christ and the strength He gives we can go about with our heads held high, fulfilling His promise. Jesus spoke of trials and tribulations in this world (see John 16:33) and for some it will last longer than for others. But Christ sees our plight and will always help us in times of need.

Pause and reflect: “Dear Lord Jesus, thank You that I am well and able to get through anything the world has to throw at me. You give me peace when all around me is falling apart, and for this I am eternally thankful. Help me to be more like You every day. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Matthew Hill
Matthew Hill

Matthew Hill is campus director at Hope Ministries Cwmbran, which opened in 2016. This Christ-centred ministry helps young men with life-controlling issues, such as drug and alcohol addiction. It was birthed in Tennessee, where Matthew undertook his training. He is married to Sara, who is also very instrumental in this work.

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