23 Nov 2018

You Have to Be Broken to Be Fixed

by Kelvin Stribblehill

Start by reading…Ezekiel 45:13 - 46:241 Peter 1:13 - 2:10Psalm 119:33-48Proverbs 28:11

The apostle Peter had been among the scattered, having run away when Jesus was arrested in the garden. Just before this, Jesus had prophesied “you will all be dispersed and scattered…” (John 16:32, AMP).

I’m sure Peter did not realise the depth of that statement at the time, or know that one day he would be writing to a dispersed and scattered church as a dispersed and scattered church leader.

Leading up to our passage he is writing to a dispersed bunch of brothers and sisters; the converted Israelites resident in Gentile countries, who have been scattered abroad, and broken into pieces because of their faith in Christ. Peter can’t have known them all, so they were strangers to him, but the word often translated as “stranger” in 1 Peter 1:1 also means “pilgrim” or “alien alongside someone”. These people were dear to Peter in the bond of the Spirit.

He encourages them, reminding them of Christ, and that they should keep their minds sharp and sober. From 1 Peter 1:1-22 he reminds them that they are being kept by the power of God right in the thick of their heavy trials and temptations, which seem relentless.

He tells them that sometimes these trials are needed to prove the genuine nature of our faith. Despite the heaviness of their battles he encourages  them to “love one another fervently with a pure heart”. When they feel like focusing on themselves he tells them to pour out love in sacrifice to others.

Pause and reflect: Are the pressures and pains of your trial squeezing you to the very core? Have you nothing left to give? If so, go and find someone else who is going through it and fervently love them from your place of brokenness. You have to be broken to be fixed!

Kelvin Stribblehill
Kelvin Stribblehill

Kelvin Stribblehill is a follower of Jesus who has been transformed by the power of the Gospel. His passion is the truth of God's word and he carries a burning zeal for reaching those who don't yet know Christ. His profession by day is within the substance misuse field where he oversees a significant work for a national organisation. He is also training to be a minister.

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