05 Nov 2018

Puppet Ministry

by Anthony Matthews

Start by reading…Ezekiel 12:1 - 14:1Hebrews 7:1-17Psalm 105:37-45Proverbs 27:3

On Sunday 8th July, the annual Velothon Wales cycle race affected access to Victory Church. Not to be denied the opportunity to gather, the morning service, including the children’s work, was rescheduled to 6pm.

This left us free to attend the family service in Ebenezer Evangelical Church on Sunday morning, which is enjoying a season of renewal and growth as Two Locks Community Church. Part of the service was given to puppet ministry (I love that title), and with two brilliant puppeteers the message was clear to all ages.

As Ezekiel did not have any puppets, God told him to act out his prophecy so the people could clearly see what their future held. The people of Judah denied that God would allow their capital city, Jerusalem, and the succession of kings in David’s family line to come to an end. They assumed that because they were God’s chosen people He would protect them, even though they lived in sin. God sent Ezekiel as a sign to the nation to act out the drama of their future.

Ezekiel gave them two dramas. First, he packed his belongings for exile, where everyone could see. In the evening he dug through the city wall and went out carrying his belongings on his shoulder (see Ezekiel 12:3-7); a clear picture for anyone interested in their future. Second, Ezekiel was told to act like someone overcome by fear; to tremble as he ate his food and shudder as he drank his water (see Ezekiel 12:17-20).

Ezekiel’s prophecies proved to be true. The people were exiled, joining others in Babylon. They covered their faces in shame and their prince Zedekiah not only escaped through the wall but was captured and blinded.

Pause and reflect: “Lord Jesus, help us recognise the signs of the times and be ready for Your coming. Amen.”

Anthony Matthews
Anthony Matthews

Tony is married to Marian, and they have five children and ten grandchildren. Tony was a Baptist minister for more than twenty-five years. He is a real-life miracle having been given five years to live in 1995. He is still walking with Jesus and serving Him faithfully today.

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