09 Aug 2018

You Are My Rock and My Fortress

by Helen Leaman

Start by reading…Ezra 8:21 - 9:151 Corinthians 5:1-13Psalm 31:1-8Proverbs 21:1-2

“For you are my rock and my fortress” is a wonderful statement from David (Psalm 31:3); full of faith and not fear! It is evident that he is in a very difficult situation, but David calms his mind, fixes his eyes on God and states emphatically that he is going to trust in the Lord.

He affirms confidently that God is his fortress! We all understand that a fortress is not susceptible to any outside influence or disturbance. It is a well-protected place. David’s faith and confidence is in his God! There is no one else who can save him. He gives his full commitment to God.  David knew there was no point trusting in any one else or in any other way but God’s.

In John 6:68 we read how Peter and the other disciples recognised that Jesus was their ‘fortress’. Peter asks Jesus: “Lord, to whom shall we go?”

Even in our desperate situations and times of need we can, by faith and not through fear, quieten our hearts, minds and spirits so that we know His peace in our lives. Now is the time for our faith to shine! Like David, we can make a bold declaration by choose to make God our refuge. We can completely trust in His ability. God is ready and willing to deliver us.

Pause and reflect: What we believe will determine the way we think and act. David had a conviction about the person and character of God. His life, hope and strength were all found in Him. 

It is good to know that whatever our circumstances – whatever turmoil we are going through or uncertainty we are facing – we can declare that our hope, life and strength are found in God! Look to Him and let your life be a witness to His glory.

Helen Leaman
Helen Leaman

Helen Leaman (MA) is a retired executive head teacher. She is married to Terry and together they have three grown-up children. Helen worships at Victory Church.

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