07 Dec 2017

Renew Your Mind

by Terry Leaman

Start by reading…Hebrews 10Psalm 107Proverbs 7

Hebrews 10:17 (NKJV) says:

“…Their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more.”

I love the idea that God used His will not to remember what we did any longer. We talk a lot about God’s will for us, and some Christians endlessly debate it, but here He wilfully chooses to forget our sins.

By definition, sin is rebellion against God.  It’s our resistance to Him; our pushing Him away; our rejection of our Creator. It’s such an awful act of mankind to deny God’s heart toward us and say, “We don’t want you.”  I think of the atheist’s attitude, which often takes a hard stance against the One who loves them.

Yet God pushes past all that and determines not to remember what they did or said, so there are no hard feelings on His part to keep us out of His thinking. He loves us, end of story, and on the cross He displayed it. Jesus said: “Father forgive them,” and even made an excuse for us: “They don’t know what they are doing” (see Luke 23:34).

If God forgets our sins, we should also forget them! He doesn’t want us living that way any more. We need to forget the whole feeling of what we once were. It’s old hat now. It’s wrong living, and we have been given a new life.

If you’re hanging on to your old ways, give yourself a break. Forget your old lifestyle and habits. God has forgotten them. Enjoy the freedom of living without them. Renew your mind! You won’t lose any of your good memories, only the bad ones.

Pause and reflect: The blood of Jesus cleanses us from our old ways. 

“Father, we thank you for forgetting our sin. Help us live in the light of who we are now, as new creatures. Amen.” 

Terry Leaman
Terry Leaman

Terry attended Bible College in 1971 and has served Jesus faithfully for more than forty years. He is a missionary pastor to Uganda and a trustee of Ezra UK. Alongside his wife, Helen, Terry lives a life marked by faith. He has a real passion for seeing people inspired to live out their God-given calling.

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