06 Dec 2017

A Picture Full of Scribbles

by Sian Davies

Start by reading…Hebrews 9Psalms 106Proverbs 6

Psalm 106:23 says:

“…But Moses, his chosen one, stepped between the Lord and the people…”

While global trends and fashions shift, one thing that never changes is our love for the hero storyline. It’s as though there is something deep inside us that knows we need rescuing. But that’s just it, isn’t it? We do.

Just as Israel worshipped a statue of a grass-eating bull, we get distracted from Christ’s ways and need God’s grace to get us back on track. I sometimes imagine the Lord gives us a beautiful picture to colour and lots of colouring pencils. Instead of asking Him which colour goes where, we get frustrated about colouring within the lines and scribble violently across the page.

However, this psalm is more than just a reminder of our sinfulness and God’s grace when we stray. It is also a psalm of heroes: first God, then Moses and finally Phinehas.

A few years ago, a friend I have known since I was seven reminded me of a conversation we once had in the playground. I told her my one ambition was to save someone’s life. Although rather a bizarre thing to say as a seven-year-old, it reminded me that I had always felt this call to sacrifice for a greater good.

We are all called to follow in the footsteps of our Lord, and many other heroes of the Bible, to restore back to Him those who are lost. Where has God asked you to step out so someone hears the call to return home? Can you see them running towards Jesus with their picture full of scribbles?

Pause and reflect: “Lord, help me to get out of the cycle of sinning and repenting. Let me be someone You can call upon to play my part in sharing Your grace and seeing people return to You.”

Sian Davies
Sian Davies

Sian is an active member of Victory Church, Cwmbran. She is passionate about child protection and social justice, and has over 10 years’ experience working in this field in both Christian ministries and secular organisations. Alongside full-time employment in the UK, Sian is also the Director of Biojemmss, an organisation working with children at risk in Uganda, and is an approved Elim Missionary.

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