14 Nov 2017

Place Your Hand in God’s

by Richard Reed

Start by reading…Galatians 3-4Psalm 73Proverbs 14

Having two sons and two daughters has made life interesting, particularly in seeing their different traits and abilities develop as they grew up.

It is said that sons favour their mothers and daughters their fathers. I’m not entirely sure this is correct, but I believe there is some truth that sons will look for a girlfriend with the traits of their mothers and daughters for boyfriends with the traits of their fathers. I have always tried to treat my girls in such a way that they would look for similar positive traits in a boyfriend. I have always treated them with respect, opened doors for them and held their hands, even when they were teenagers.

In Psalm 73:23-26, we read of God holding our hand:

Yet I still belong to you;
you hold my right hand.
You guide me with your counsel,
leading me to a glorious destiny.
Whom have I in heaven but you?
I desire you more than anything on earth.
My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak,
but God remains the strength of my heart;
he is mine forever.

A father holds his children’s hands for a short while, but God holds our hands for a lifetime. If we will take hold of God’s hand, He will lead us, direct us, comfort us and hold us up when we are weak. He will lift us up when we have fallen.

The psalmist shows that, whatever happens to us, we still belong to God. Even if our health fails and our spirit grows weak, God will not let us go.

Pause and reflect: Place you hand in Gods today. Give your burdens and anxieties to him. Allow him to lead and direct your life. Whatever your circumstance, know that God is always for you. He is yours forever.

Richard Reed
Richard Reed

Richard and his wife Mandie have four children. He has worked for an IT financial servicing company for more than twenty years, working with all the major banks in the UK. He has been a lay preacher for twenty years and is trained as a Christians Against Poverty (CAP) money coach. Richard is on the core leadership team at Victory Church Cwmbran and is passionate about bringing people to Jesus and seeing them released from financial burdens.

Your thoughts & prayers

  • Annie Brown

    This is such a beautiful devotion, your daughters are indeed blessed. However we are even more so to be adored and cared for by our Father. We take so much for granted, yet God is always and forever there, if we are willing to place our hands in His. Thank you Richard, so much

  • Marian Matthews-nee Mackay

    A great devotional Richard, and I love how you have described your family and what you concluded regarding their eventual marriage partners. Certainly your Tom has chosen a wife who is beautiful in every way, and can certainly be likened to his mother in her Christian faith and loyalty to family and duty. And then I looked at Beth whose special friend is the lovely Sam Green. I know they are only “walking out” together as we called it in my day, but no father or mother could wish for a better young man for their daughter – and as solid in the Christian faith as you! If only every child had the start in life that your children have had, with the guidance and love that they have been shown, what a wonderful world this would be.

    But how lovely to know with assurance that the momment we place our faith, trust and hope in God, and place our hand into His, we can be assured that He will never let it go. We have the perfect Father, and we are able to draw near to Him because of the forgiveness we are able to receive through the perfect Son, our Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit who convicts and guides us throughout our lives when we invite Him into the driving seat and hand over our steerin wheel. He, alone can stop our feet from slipping.

    How greatly I love those words you have picked out from the Psalm, but particularly the short sentence:-

    “…but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever.”

    Such precious words and such precious truth, and all because of our precious Saviour. I am blessed.

  • Georgina thorp

    That’s lovely Richard. One of the best things about seeing your kids as adults is that you can still share a closeness with them that reflects all the good values that you instilled in them. God is my true father and he has certainly held me up in my life and without him I wouldn’t be who I am today and during those days when I am down, or remember how it used to be, I still know he is there. I try to never let go of his hand. Me and Dave try to emulate that even though our kids are adults. It’s such a pleasure to continue to help your kids and for them to know that they have that place in us that they can always come to and rely on. As I’ve got older and more secure I’ve seen the importance of family and what a gift they are.

  • Terry Leaman

    That’s nice Richard! We need to see things from the Fathers heart perspective. I notice that whenever I take this line, people respond to God. The soul of the Trinity is what moves people, God is love and his passions so show His character. There’s so much of God’s soul involved in our salvation and as you say, he gives us His hand to connect to us. Have a great day.