11 Jan 2017

Faith to Do Extraordinary Things

by Terry Leaman

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PSALMS 20-21

In today’s reading, Jesus goes to meet the disciples, walking on the water.

If you trust God, He will always show up in the middle of a storm. When the disciples needed Him, Jesus went to meet them. It’s the Father’s desire to help us and calm our fears.

The first thing He says, is: “Don’t be afraid!” (see Matthew 14:27). He disables their fear with His words. When the fear dissolves, a change takes place in Peter. Jesus tells him to step out onto the water and Peter steps out in faith.

When did you last ditch your fear and hand it over to God? When you do so, your faith will start working and it might even surprise you!

Peter just does what he sees Jesus doing. That’s a good way to move your faith up. Come into agreement with God and you’ll see things change. A different perspective on the situation will follow and things will never look the same again.

Peter walked on the water. Removal of fear allows faith to flourish and the ‘normal’, as we have always perceived it, becomes secondary, because God’s thinking is not our thinking. He has a knowledge that surpasses our understanding.

Ephesians 3:20 says:

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.”

Fear is believing what Satan can do to you; faith is knowing what God can do. God is not afraid of anything, so why should we be? He always speaks peace and faith.

Pause and reflect: Want to walk somewhere you’ve been afraid to go? Let God speak peace to your fear and faith to your soul. 

“Father, take away all my fear and fill me with faith. Amen.”

Terry Leaman
Terry Leaman

Terry attended Bible College in 1971 and has served Jesus faithfully for more than forty years. He is a missionary pastor to Uganda and a trustee of Ezra UK. Alongside his wife, Helen, Terry lives a life marked by faith. He has a real passion for seeing people inspired to live out their God-given calling.

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