Bible in a Year

‘Bible In A Year’ is now in its second year. The platform was originally envisioned by Victory Church to help people everywhere, read the Bible for themselves. During year one, more than 1000 subscribers read the whole Bible in chronological order with our platform. During 2017 we will be reading the New Testament twice, Psalms twice and Proverbs 12 times. Each day, you will be sent a free devotional to help you with the readings for that day.

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Aug 15

Everlasting Arms

Start by reading… In one of her songs, Lou Fellingham sings about leaning hard on God’s everlasting arms. This is all we can do when our lives are shaken and in turmoil. David wrote Psalm 34 as a fugitive in a cave while fleeing for his life. His words are so relevant to anyone going … Continued

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Aug 14

The Joy of the Lord

Start by reading… I become so excited when the scripture lists appear each month. I love following the story of the rebuilding of the city walls in Nehemiah, and especially these chapters about the reading of the Book of the Law. The people needed the Levites to help them understand what the reading meant, but … Continued