Bible in a Year

‘Bible In A Year’ is now in its second year. The platform was originally envisioned by Victory Church to help people everywhere, read the Bible for themselves. During year one, more than 1000 subscribers read the whole Bible in chronological order with our platform. During 2017 we will be reading the New Testament twice, Psalms twice and Proverbs 12 times. Each day, you will be sent a free devotional to help you with the readings for that day.

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Oct 22

How Do You Encourage Others?

Start by reading… Paul gives us a wonderful example of encouragement in his second letter to Timothy, whom he describes as his “beloved son” in the faith. He starts by stating that not only is Timothy always in his thoughts, but also constantly in his prayers. It would seem that Timothy had been going through … Continued

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Oct 21

The Assembly Line Is Your Pulpit

Start by reading… I have had numerous bosses throughout my work life, most of whom I loved (though there were one or two I didn’t!). I recognised early in my Christian walk that I was in servitude to my employer. I considered that I was being paid to bring them success. Consequently, I was respectful … Continued