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‘Bible In A Year’ is now in its second year. The platform was originally envisioned by Victory Church to help people everywhere, read the Bible for themselves. During year one, more than 1000 subscribers read the whole Bible in chronological order with our platform. During 2017 we will be reading the New Testament twice, Psalms twice and Proverbs 12 times. Each day, you will be sent a free devotional to help you with the readings for that day.

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Jan 20

Ready for the Harvest

When a farmer ploughs his field and sows his seeds, he does so knowing that it is going to be some time before he will reap the harvest it will produce. It takes dedication and patience, a willingness to work hard for no immediate result. This is a sharp contrast to those who demand immediate results and aren’t willing to put in time and effort for something that takes time to bear fruit.

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Jan 19

The Lord, My Helper and Deliverer

We can all have them at times insecurities, doubts about our health our future, anything really. What these few verses can teach you is that we have a choice in any given circumstance what our reaction to it will be. We can choose to focus or magnify the fears we have so that we can become so overwhelmed that we have no faith to pray or believe that God could or would help us. So we choose not to pray and seek God’s help where deliverance can come from. It does not have to be that way, David had learnt not to magnify his problems but to magnify His Lord. The Hubble telescope can bring into focus space that is many, many miles away through powerful magnification of the lens. In a similar way when we focus on the God who has promised never to leave or forsake us.